Two great programs for music educators: our Affiliate and Referral programs. Three Palms Strings supports an active community of like-minded music educators that have the best interest of their students at the forefront of everything they do. We are looking to add partners to both of these programs nation-wide. Brief details of each follow:

Our Affiliate Program

In this program you have a web site, or other social media account where you can send the person to our web site through yours.  We will then look at the people we have on file and if the person you send to us is new, we will let you know that you are the affiliate for that person.  Please call Steve at 321.345.5515 for more details, or click this button to become an Affiliate.

Brief of Our Referral Program

This program requires an formal agreement defining responsibilities of both parties and your active participation in home trials.  We will send you, or your student, instruments to test in the various environments they perform in. You must refer the person to us directly – through an email to be provided as part of the signup process.  We will then contact you, or the student, to work out exactly which instruments should be sent and the length of the trial period. Three Palms Strings will pay shipping both ways for the first home trial to that student.  We offer the very best instruments at price points between $1,500.00 and $15,000.00.  For our Master Instrument trials, we believe two instruments from the Guangzhou Consortium should be sent since these are by far the very best instruments being sold today between $8,000.00 and $15,000.00. However, we also have a good supply of fine older European instruments. Some of these fall into that price range.  We are sure players can decide for themselves which instrument they prefer.

To help with that, we can send one, or two, from the consortium and one European violin. In this way a player can evaluate both and decide which one they prefer. We believe the instruments made by the master makers of the Guangzhou Consortium are far superior to anything that can be purchased at the same price that is said to be made in Europe.  We also understand that many dealers want to sell their stock of European instruments that fall into these price points. Players will be told that European instruments are superior, this is simply no longer the case.  Our approach is to provide both and let the players decide. Please call 321.345.5515 and ask for Steve to obtain additional information about this innovative player oriented program. Or click here to apply for our Referral Program.

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