Introducing Advanced Carbon Fiber

violins, cellos & accessories

by Gatchell Innovations, Inc.

After an intensive ten-year study of instruments made with outstanding tonewood, we have been able to handcraft a specially formulated advanced carbon fiber material that outperforms instruments made of wood.

Multiple layers of precisely woven material combined with and an overall acoustically superior design, enables our instruments to: be powerful, extremely responsive, colorful and warm. It is incredible how well the feelings and emotions of the player can be expressed.

Instruments For School

With up to 50% discounts, assisting schools to meet the challenges of proving top quality instruments to students in their music programs is a priority.


High Quality


Helping students, advancing and professional players obtain the instruments, bows, and accessories that enable them to achieve their potential.



Providing accessories to violin makers, and players, made from modern day lightweight acoustically superior materials that outperform traditional materials.

Upcoming Events

Summer Namm

June 28-30, 2018

Booth – 413

Nashville, TN

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